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Who will stop airport from wrecking our peace?

Katy Best, director of business development at George Best Belfast City Airport, in your article headlined ‘21 schools will suffer ...’ (News, May 25) certainly knows how to rub salt in a long-running sore.

She says the airport has “volunteered” a strict noise contour control. As far as I know, there is no agreed noise contour, or, if there is and it is being adhered to, it is much too lenient. To make matters much worse, their current application to have the existing planning agreement replaced contains proposals which, by its own admission, would result in a significant increase in noise.

What is the point in complaining to the airport? It knows full well the impact of its activities on the neighbourhood. And if a head teacher were to complain, what would the airport do? Say, ‘Sorry, we didn’t realise. We’ll stop immediately’? Not likely.

As it is, residents cannot open their doors, or windows, in the good weather, nor can they enjoy their gardens, or yards.

I used to appreciate the amenities of Ormeau Park, but that pleasure is gone now that our peace is disturbed every few minutes by low-flying aircraft.

Surely the residents of south and east Belfast have some rights? But who is safeguarding them?

Hurray to Belfast City Airport Watch for at least trying to increase public awareness of what is going on and attempting to put some brakes on the George Best Belfast City Airport juggernaut.



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