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Who would work with the DUP?

According to Peter Robinson, the DUP will work with either the Conservatives or Labour parties to form a new UK government. So much for real political principle, then.

But the real question is: will either the Conservatives or Labour want to work with them?

David Simpson can no longer beat Sinn Fein in Upper Bann; only Jo-Anne Dobson of the Ulster Unionists can. Added to the fact that Danny Kinahan of the Ulster Unionists is clearly out-polling Willie McCrea, South Antrim is also lost to the DUP.

So, even if Gavin Robinson wins East Belfast, this victory will only be possible with the support of the Ulster Unionists.

So, why would the main parties at Westminster crave to embrace the car wreck that is the DUP?


Ballymoney, Co Antrim

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