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Who's in charge, cops or robbers?

The response of the PSNI to the murder of Kevin McGuigan reminds me of the prevarication by the then Chief Constable Hugh Orde after the Provo robbery of the Northern Bank; he couldn't give an opinion as to who was responsible for the heist for months when the dogs in the street knew it could be nobody else but the Provos.

The same prevarication that was obvious at the time to everyone unfortunately seems to have been carried over to the PSNI. If it wasn't the Provos, could the PSNI speculate as to which other organisation was responsible: hardly the UVF!

The position in Northern Ireland now appears to be be that there are two law enforcement agencies, namely an ineffective police force (save for motoring offences) and a ruthless PIRA, who are not accountable for their actions to any State authority.

Lyle Cubitt


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