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Why am I still waiting on a bond payment?

Do some Nationwide investors get their money back? My wife and I, who are both in our mid-seventies, took out an investment bond with Nationwide in December 2008. These bonds matured in December 2009 and we had requested our money to be repaid by cheques.

Four days after the maturity date, I phoned Nationwide and asked when we could accept repayment. I was told that our cheques had been issued and sent out the very next day after maturity.

However, when - to my surprise - the day after my phonecall, we were informed that our money and been 'electronically transferred' back into our accounts, we were pleased to think that the matter had been resolved.

But 10 months later, we have still not received either of these allegedly sent cheques. Were they ever issued? (Or indeed ever sent out?).

Had we not been fully aware and alert, would we have ever got our money back? Probably not.

Investors must be vigilant and concerned about ever getting their money back.


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