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Why are debt agencies now collecting our VAT?

Is this for real? A debt-collection agency is talking to me about my business VAT?

Most of us have to deal with them when we've tried to end ridiculous gym or mobile-phone contracts or store cards over charges. It can't be right that these people are given responsibility to collect our taxes.

I suppose it fits with successive governments' policy of non-government. You know: the one that led to the banks running out of control and ruining the world economy.

The Government might just be content to see small businesses hassled unreasonably instead of seeing them concentrating their efforts in getting through this horrendous recession.

I suppose it is easier to target small business instead of doing something about stopping bankers getting their obscene bonuses.

Well, I pay my taxes. I, like others, struggle hard to manage a draconian and inconsiderate VAT regime within this disastrous economy. I'm one of the many small businesses who are the backbone of this place. One of those who watch the Government bend over backwards to give big foreign companies a good time - while they are here - before they abandon the place. We swallow hard and get on with it.

But, HMRC, please note: I will not be discussing my taxation matters with anyone but a member of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.




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