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Why can't we have Old Norse Language Act?

Malachy Scott (Write Back, October 6) is consistent in his reductionism. The history of Ireland is much more complex than he imagines.

I am a direct descendant of Vikings, who landed in Ireland in 790AD. Old Norse was our language, but there is no provision for separate schools to protect our identity and culture, nor do I witness any clamour for a standalone Old Norse Language Act.

Our Viking identity has been expunged and diverted into the political mythopoeism of a free-standing Irish Language Act.

I had a dream as I stood on the east bank of the Foyle and looked across as the longships emerged from an early-morning mist at Culmore Point and the swishing, splashing oars rose and fell to the rhythmic chant of 'Odin! Odin! Odin!', accentuating, rather than dispelling, the silence of that golden morn.



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