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Why Christians reject view of creationists

Pastor Trevor Ramsey (Write Back, August 20) asks if there might be a possibility that the creationist viewpoint is the correct one?

This apparently innocent question is predicated on the Christian viewpoint that the story of the creation of the universe and this world within it, as narrated in Genesis, is true.

The question is not impartial and cannot be considered so. The additional information of his letter that "many millions of well-educated rational Christians" and "many thousands of reputable scientists" state that the evidence points to a Creator God is misleading. 'Evidence' is accepted by creationists if it tends to reinforce their position - rejected if it does not. Millions of non-believers reject the creationist view because it stretches their credulity.

The narrative, as it appears in the Bible, may have sufficed when it was written. Even by the end of the first millennium AD, however, scholars were beginning to question the story in the Bible.

Radiometric dating has no religious bias and radio telescopes only measure radio waves from stars, without giving opinions.

If I have to choose between modern measuring techniques and texts written almost 3,000 years ago, I choose the former.


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