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Why compensation could solve parades row

THERE seems to be a general acceptance that the Haass talks have not produced a solution to parading.

A solution seems impossible. Maybe not. What this needs is lateral thinking.

Orangemen want to walk their traditional routes and protesters are determined to prevent them from marching.

The Parades Commission's determinations seem to be based upon a perceived outcome which will result in the least disorder.

We are left with a situation whereby we inevitably get at least two nights of rioting at massive cost to the economy. It seems insoluble.

But my solution might just work.

Where there is deadlock, one side, or the other, should be compensated if they withdraw their right either to march, or to protest.

As residents's groups are disparate in nature, it would probably be more practical to compensate Orange lodges which agree to forego their right to march. Compared to the annual cost, it would be a pittance.

The Orange Order would not get their march, but they are not getting it anyway. And, if they do, at what cost? Not only would it provide for a peaceful Twelfth, but it would mean that there would be no winners, or losers.

It would give the Orange Order a way out of a situation and I'm sure the long-suffering people of the wider Ardoyne area would be mightily relieved, too.



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