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Why could Tyrone Crystal not be saved?

Night after night we are treated to those silly stick people adverts spouting nonsense about how easy it is to start your own business.

You know the ones: "I was sitting on the train and a voice said 'Just go for it'."

Well, in Tyrone Crystal we had a superb business that enjoyed a worldwide reputation for quality and excellence - yet it is allowed to go to the wall.

You really have to question the point of the Government when they cannot step in and rescue such a brilliant tourist attraction and high-profile artisan business like Tyrone Crystal.

Just think of the acquired skills and culture that will be lost for ever in an industry of which everyone in the province was rightly proud. There is even a strong argument that it should have been saved under an 'arts' umbrella.

Oh well, not to worry. I'm sure we'll still be able to get our 'crystal' imported cheaply, just like everything else, from China and south-east Asia.

A very sad loss. Funny how millions can be found for other divisive and politically motivated 'cultural' activities.