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Why did the BBC give Jamie Bryson so much airtime?

I WAS horrified to see that Jamie Bryson was given such a prominent slot during The Nolan Show to spout his strongly-held views.

Let us remember that the vote to fly the Union flag at Belfast City Hall on designated days only was a democratic decision made by duly-elected representatives of Belfast City Council.

Yet Bryson felt it was perfectly acceptable to create and maintain mayhem on the streets of the city for weeks afterwards.

I also watched with incredulity as he sought to preach on the moral issue of same-sex marriage.

Bryson is just a young face spouting the same old nonsense we are all too used to in this part of the world.

The BBC should be ashamed to give the oxygen of the media to someone who has for too long been allowed to build himself a profile on the basis of being a loudmouth.

His new propensity of being holier than thou will fool no one, so stop giving him the opportunity to make us roll our eyes.


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