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Why doesn't Villiers look at other cuts?

THERESA Villiers appears to have reached a standstill with reference to cuts in Northern Ireland.

The SDLP is absolutely right to challenge this short-sighted view.

We are frequently told that there is no money in the kitty. Well, maybe there would be if the following payments are looked at sensibly.

The UK Government parts with £21m in winter fuel payments to expats every year. They benefit from a 70% increase in payments to expats and pensioners throughout Europe.

Then £36m in handouts are sent to foreign children.

Most of the 23,000 claimants are living and working in the UK. Why don't they send money home?

We cannot go on with this nonsense while doctors, nurses, patients and families are desperately trying to manage and while we queue up for not hours, but days waiting for a bed.

I rest my case.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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