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Why fight continues to end animal horrors

Once again it has taken undercover filming to reveal the true horror of animal neglect and abuse hidden behind closed doors.

People who exploit animals always claim animal rights activists exaggerate the scale of suffering in places like laboratories, slaughter houses, factory farms and the hunting field.

They don't - undercover film proves again and again that what they say is true.

The scale and horror of the suffering inflicted on animals by humans is what motivates them to undertake gruelling and often frustrating campaigns to try and get things changed.

In the midst of the industry's wholly unconvincing defence as to why these poor birds were found in such disgusting conditions, I note that one farm owner says "dead hens are removed every day" - seemingly oblivious to the fact that the need to do so is shocking.

Another claims a "minor health challenge" resulted in the hens looking in such a pitiful condition, when it would take weeks of stress, deprivation and unhealthy living conditions to produce such a shocking result.

The only eggs I eat are from my own hens, which have a lovely free range life in my garden.

What a contrast between my healthy birds and the pathetic creatures trapped in their "enriched" cages.


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