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Why I take no pride in this church event

I WOULD be interested to hear the new Presbyterian Moderator's view on attending or supporting this year's Gay Pride celebrations. This follows a type of 'Heterosexual Pride' event held in Belfast city centre last Friday (News, June 4).

The event, organised by a men-only Presbyterian charity, saw dozens of semi-naked young women (and one or two similarly unattired males) celebrate the bodies that the good Lord gave them for all to see.

Ironically, the event aimed to raise money to help take young girls in Adis Ababa off the streets to save them from sexual exploitation, among other things.

This feast for the eyes, and a few other senses too, judging from the reactions of the men involved and those observing from the streets, was a real celebration of sexuality.

However, it may well have severely backfired, as those of us with children and some sense of pride in the work that the Presbyterian church does overseas, will not be channelling our charitable giving through First Comber Church or Men on a Mission again.


Co Down


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