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Why is Joey stand being flattened?

As a long-time supporter of the Ulster Grand Prix I am disgusted that "officials" have informed the Dundrod Club that the Joey Dunlop Grandstand at the pits is to be demolished for "health and safety" reasons because it is "unfit for purpose".

Who are these officials and what sort of politically correct dream-world do they live in? Anyone who has sat in the Joey Dunlop Grandstand knows it is a solid, old-fashioned build of concrete, metal and timber, soundly constructed and of no health and safety danger to anyone.

Would these bureaucratic vandals, who take such arbitrary decisions, whose jobs are subsidised by long-suffering ratepayers, please explain in proper English why they are destroying a perfectly safe grandstand, causing inconvenience, additional costs and effort for those who do such a fine job in organising the Ulster Grand Prix every year?


Ballymoney, Co Antrim

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