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Why is McGuinness not tried for all his crimes?

For the past few weeks, two men have dominated the news in Northern Ireland. On the one hand, there has been the trial, conviction and sentencing of that creature Robert Black, who murdered little Jennifer Cardy. I am sure no one was opposed to the outcome of his trial - though many considered he deserved the death sentence.

On the other hand, we had Martin McGuinness swanning around the Irish Republic soliciting votes to become their president.

For 30 years, McGuinness's cohorts murdered, maimed and orphaned many little girls and boys.

Although he didn't win the Irish presidential election, nearly a quarter of a million people voted for him. Would those same people have been prepared to support and vote for Robert Black?

We are expected to airbrush Martin McGuinness' past, because he is now a peacemaker and no longer a terrorist.

If Martin McGuinness must be spared prison, why should anyone go to prison? I don't doubt there are many people serving long prison sentences here whose crimes would fade into insignificance when set alongside McGuinness's crimes.

In Northern Ireland, justice and morality have not just been perverted - they have been destroyed.


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