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Why it's better for interpreters to join register

Such a serious situation ('Sex offender's appeal over conduct of court interpreter fails'), should never be allowed to arise, and serves to underline just how critical it is that only registered interpreters are used by the courts and legal system.

With only a handful of registered interpreters currently based in Northern Ireland, The National Register of Public Service Interpreters is working with local interpreting organisations and agencies to remedy this, but we cannot do this without the support of interpreters themselves.

This case highlights the absolute necessity for local interpreters who wish to work with public services to undergo training, understand their professional code of conduct and to become registered.

Should the worst then happen and their actions be called into question, there is a formal and independent system in place to manage any complaint.


Executive Director

NRPSI Limited

Longcroft House Business Centre

2/8 Victoria Avenue

London EC2M 4NS

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