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Why local dross at prime time, BBC?

BBC Northern Ireland are heavily promoting 9pm on Mondays as the new home of quality local programmes.

If only this was true and, more importantly, they would limit themselves to this slot and stop inflicting locally produced rubbish on us in the 9pm prime time slot on a Friday night.

Once again, instead of top-rated satire and sitcom, we're subjected to dog training and yet more exposure for Stephen Nolan, with the network programmes relegated to the graveyard slots.

I note from previous correspondents to Write Back that the powers that be at Belfast's Ormeau Avenue are unlikely to take any notice of the voice of the licence-payers, so the way to stop this dross is to vote with your remote and give these dire efforts a zero in the ratings.

For those with Sky, choose some of the other BBC regions that are showing the network programmes at the correct times and for everyone else, watch something else or switch the TV off!



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