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Why must evangelical preachers play on fear?

The Franklin Graham Celebration of Hope at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast earlier this month, which Alf McCreary praised (Belfast Telegraph, April 5), played on the ignorance and fears of the people.

The gullible are easy to indoctrinate.

At these events, one of which I attended, the Bible is presented in the most simplistic and false terms.

It is God's infallible word and those who disagree are to be tortured forever in Christ's Hell.

Love God or be tortured forever was the nasty and contemptible message behind it all.

To encourage people to believe by threatening them with endless pain is, of course, extremely amoral. Yet the Franklin Grahams of this world do it with a smile under the pretence of God's love.

It doesn't take a genius to know that genuine love wouldn't behave in such a cruel and merciless manner.

I often ask evangelical Christians: "How could you be happy in Heaven aware of the millions suffering in Hell, including people you've loved?"

No answer could satisfy such sheer barbarity disguised as God's Holy justice.

Why, under these profoundly amoral conditions, Heaven would be Hell.

When are evangelical Christians going to grow up and stop promoting this deeply obscene and stupid Biblical doctrine?

After all, they no longer believe in slavery and genocide, doctrines taught and endorsed by the God of the Bible (Lev 25: 44-46; 1 Sam 15: 1-3).



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