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Why no outcry for Syria deaths?

There have been more than 1,600 deaths in Syria at the hands of President Bashar Assad in recent weeks, which is a bigger death toll than the estimated 1,300 Arab fatalities during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, when the communities of the world sent 'peace' flotillas.

Where is the outcry now over the Arab deaths in Syria by a cruel and despotic regime? The Israeli government was lambasted internationally for every move it made in self-defence in Gaza, which was later exonerated by the findings of the Goldstone Report.

However, by that time the damage by the world's media was already done. No apologies. No retractions. Under international law the naval blockade of Gaza is perfectly legal.

Where are the prominent voices in support of the citizens of Syria, just a few miles north of Israel?

There have been no demonstrations outside the embassies of Syria, like the ones across Europe in condemnation of Israel - the only democracy in the Middle East.


Bangor, Co Down


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