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Why not have fireworks for July festival?

I went to a mini-12th parade in Brookeborough, Fermanagh, last week. There were bands and activities for children, a family day out.

At the end of the night there was a fireworks display, something I have never seen at a parade before. It was a nice way to finish the evening and I heard many people say how great the fireworks were.

In the USA for July 4 there are huge firework displays and it got me thinking: why don’t our cities hold similar displays on July 12?

Most families have nothing to do on a July 12 evening after coming home from the parades. Activities for children and a cultural/festival-type event would continue the celebration. It has the potential to draw more tourists and just think how nice it would be to see the Lagan lined with families to see fireworks.

I hope the Orange Order and local councils take note.



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