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Why O'Leary really does make us sick

The chief executive of Belfast City Airport may be wishing he hadn't promised Ryanair the earth (and a new runway extension), to get them to sign up to the City Airport.

Michael O'Leary's insulting remarks made at the First Trust Bank's Business Breakfast last Wednesday have, at one fell swoop, totally destroyed the airport's attempts to reassure the people affected by the rising number of flights over east and south Belfast that Ryanair's arrival is not going to be a problem.

Mr O'Leary's unbelievably inappropriate remark (even for this egomaniac): " Let's cut through planning and ignore the sea of puking by residents, whose argument is, frankly, based on nonsense" must go down in the history of this airport as one of its most shameful moments.

No airline has ever shown such contempt for the thousands of people whose homes (and lives) are now blighted by operations at Belfast City Airport.

The deafening noise of an unrelenting queue of ever larger planes taking off and coming in to land right over the rooftops of residential areas is bad enough, but when Ryanair's insults are added, as if to rub salt into the wound, the 'puking residents' have finally had enough.

Quite frankly, Mr O'Leary's planes, his disregard for people's lives (and a legally binding planning agreement) are as repulsive as his business ethics.

The only ethical thing for Belfast City Airport to do now is to show this bully the door.

Threaten the people of Belfast all you like, but after such a display of arrogance and disregard for residents and the planning process, Ryanair and Belfast City Airport can be certain that residents will make sure there will never be a runway extension.

Puking Resident, Belfast

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