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Why praise Tories for laying waste to our country?

It's understandable for a Conservative Party member like Irwin Armstrong (Write Back, March 9) to pump up the importance of the Tory Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

Who really cares whether Owen Paterson MP is here or having a cup of tea in his constituency? The real issue is what his Tory/Lib Dem legacy will be for the people of Northern Ireland.

Currently, this looks like certain unemployment doom for thousands, no growth in long-term job-creation, a jobless youth, savage cuts to people trapped on benefit support, thousands driven into fuel poverty, pension cuts and faster, deeper-than-necessary reductions in the block grant.

It's no wonder Owen received an award from one business community as they eagerly await opportunities for more profits based on lower wages, less job security of staff, hire-and-fire policies and schemes that allow them to use free labour, only to discard people as soon as the grant goes.

Unintentionally, Irwin compliments the Labour Party by identifying the massive investment Labour made year-on-year to help boost Northern Ireland services and infrastructure, which had been ignored for many of the Thatcher years. The logic of Irwin's accusation leads to the conclusion the Tories would not have invested as much here. There is a Tory dreadnought looming again on the horizon and it is very worrying that our politicians appear whipped into compliance.



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