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Why rape cannot justify an abortion

Contrary to what Fiona Norris writes, God does not 'condone' rape or any other evil act (Write Back, June 2).

Such acts are solely the result of man's free will. As difficult as it may be to accept the way in which one was conceived into this world, it is even more difficult to fathom using rape as an excuse to justify murder through abortion.

This is the more grave sin. Here it is not the mother, but rather the child who is the real victim.

It is a medical fact that the human foetus is a separate, distinct and unique human person with its own heartbeat, brain waves and DNA. People may deceive themselves that legalised abortion across the world has not changed much in our private lives and in our society.

But there are no 'small murders'. When man loses respect for life, he inevitably ends by losing his own identity.

We all must welcome every new life into the world, regardless of the circumstances, as if it were our own. Our lives and those of our unborn children are inseparable. Man: Quo Vadis?


Ontario, Canada

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