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Why should gays be denied therapy?

Could someone explain the problem with a homosexual seeking therapy and counselling to ameliorate his condition or lifestyle?

I read, with some bemusement and also sadness, a couple of recent reports in the Belfast Telegraph concerning this issue.

One was about a psychiatrist who was being reported to the General Medical Council by a confessed homosexual because he offered therapy and counselling to homosexuals (February 25).

The second report was about a planned protest at a church holding a conference on therapeutic help for homosexuals who voluntarily seek help (February 20).

The obvious question which arises from this is: are homosexuals to be denied the right to seek help for their condition? And why are other homosexuals so arrogantly adamant that they should not be allowed such treatment?

This whole situation seems akin to, say, a group of alcoholics protesting about the existence of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Surely no one has a right to deny anyone the freedom to have psychiatric therapy, for whatever purpose or reason.




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