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Why should the Beeb be paid for by the public?

I have just read the ridiculous statistic, that an average of 150 people each year, in Northern Ireland, are jailed for non payment of the TV Licence. That's right, the absurd anachronism that is the TV Licence!

How can it still be justified for the public (those with televisions), to be forced into funding a station, that many of us neither want nor make use of?

It's time the BBC stood on its own feet and either became a subscriber service and/or financed itself through commercialism. It's 2012, not 1962.

The BBC does not have a monopoly on broadcasting in the UK and we should have the choice as to whether we want to avail of their service or not.

The idea that the BBC is a cut above other broadcasters and should somehow be exempt from the rigours of private enterprise and protected against the vulgarities of commercialism, is just not viable.

The BBC is not an essential public service and it is no longer appropriate to treat it as though it were.

Brian M


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