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Why support GAA when it's a sectarian sport?

The unionist community should feel no allegiance to an organisation that has, at its core, a political goal (News, June 27).

I know of no other sport where, by joining its ranks, one so blatantly affiliates with a political project. It is a political and cultural organisation that uses sport to further its objectives.

If any other major sport were played almost exclusively by members of one religion, it would have been rightly condemned as sectarian by all right-thinking people. If the GAA is a sport, it is a sectarian sport.

Ian McCrea's 'crime' was not his lack of grace, or support for a local team; his 'crime' was to put his thoughts in print.

If a serious political party can appoint an unrepentant murderer as an adviser and not withdraw the decision following public outcry, then the withdrawal of inane comments does a disservice to equality in Northern Ireland, as it treats one community's sensitivities as more precious than the other's.

Is this not itself a form of sectarianism?


Newtownards, Co Down


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