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Why the fuss over organ retention?

Am I the only person to find the reaction to the retention of body parts by the PSNI over the top?

At a time when society is discussing people being automatic organ donors, rather than giving their consent (unless they choose to opt out), it seems that the media are trying to make something out of nothing.

We hear of cases being solved by new DNA analysis. Where did the sample come from? It may have been from a tissue sample that had been kept from earlier.

Certainly, in the 1960s and 1970s, many cases might have been unsolved and material was kept for the future. As an unsolved case, I would expect all the evidence to be retained.

As someone who has to give blood samples regularly, I do not expect to be phoned before they pour it down the drain, or keep it.

From the numbers released, the majority of relatives are told, anyway. So why all the fuss?


Saintfield, Co Down

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