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Why the outrage now? Don't forget shared past

Which part of 'It was always the same' don't the headline writers get?

Brendan McDaid's article about the appearance and threats of the IRA men in Derry on Sunday (News, April 27) asks the question, 'How could this be allowed to happen?'

Has the headline writer forgotten? Or does he/she just choose to ignore the last 30 years? For years, the IRA in one guise or another, each Easter, has bounded onto the political stage and issued blood-curdling messages, threatening all manners of 'legitimate targets' and the police, the Government and society have broadly stood by and let them do it.

In the past, they were frequently flanked by leading members of Sinn Fein and, in some cases, the statements were read by leading members of Sinn Fein and no one intervened.

So why the moral outrage now? Is this not what we have taught the morally-deficient in our society to do? Wrap themselves in some flag or other, mumble a blood-curdling statement into a microphone and wait for the applause of history? Surely if we are going to get indignant - and especially if Sinn Fein and the DUP are to be outraged - maybe a quick trawl of previous Easter messages, or loyalist platform speeches, would help remind people of their past.

ULTONIAN Portadown, Co Armagh


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