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Why the Pope must convert to Protestant faith

THERE are often calls for closer co-operation between all Christian denominations in spreading the message of the Gospel. In an increasingly secular world, this is an admirable aspiration.

But it will only be achievable if the Rome's doctrine aligns itself more closely with the principles of the Protestant Reformation.

In considering the differences between the two traditions, I am reminded of St Therese de Lisieux's posthumous visit to the UK some four years ago, when thousands of Catholics queued for hours to kiss the body of the French nun who died in 1897.

In addition to those differences highlighted to us by Martin Luther, I do not believe that there can be any rapprochement between the two faiths while zealots dig up corpses for veneration.

The pope asked people to pray for him. Let us pray he converts to Protestantism and turns his back on this disgusting practice.


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