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Why unionists feel resentful

Cllr Ronnie Crawford, who pens his letter on April 1, takes a position that other unionists are fifth columnists and generally backward.

I cannot understand how anyone can fail to see the progress that Sinn Fein/IRA has made, ie, the removal of security and political institutions cherished by the British electorate; destruction of the middle ground; fragmented unionism; restrictions to unionist cultural expression; a peace process that disadvantaged unionists in community and personal development; an Assembly that is an undemocratic arrangement not tolerated in the rest of the UK, but to suit republicans who refuse to sit at Westminster and who have a veto over everything put forward at local level; the planners and commanders of terrorism in an Executive over the land and people they destroyed; all-Ireland bodies; tricolours flying across the province; the maintenance of bandit country; revenge and punishment attacks; unsolved crime and refusal to aid the services of law and order.

The reward for terrorism has been to empower the leaders, but the innocent have been made to pay with limb, life and career. If fairness and righteousness is the standard, it cannot be sacrificed for political expediency.


Coleraine Borough Council

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