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Why UTV is setting a bad example

Congratulations to the Lisburn reader (Write Back, August 21) for the constructive critique of Julian Simmons’ puerile introductions to Coronation Street.

I, too, find it painful to suffer these very amateurish self-scripted introductions.

I am sure many readers cringe at Julian’s panto clowning which he obviously believes is universally entertaining.

Visitors to Ulster must be baffled at his mangling of our language, the exaggerated facial contortions and especially the bad grammar, which coming from a respected media provider, such as UTV, sets such a bad example to our young people.

I assume Julian thinks he is helping preserve Ulster’s vernacular, but embarrassing significant numbers of UTV viewers with self-indulgent juvenile rubbish is hardly the mature or best approach.

No doubt UTV will leap to Julian’s defence saying it is just jolly local banter representative of the whole community.

As a publicly quoted Ulster media TV company, I would respectfully suggest that professional broadcasters have a responsibility to maintain standards rather than endorse meaningless personal observations on the programme, but I doubt whether UTV will see fit to comment on this criticism.

I agree Julian is making a laughing stock of himself, but UTV has allowed Julian to become a law onto himself, broadcasting as he likes. I find this aspect worrying. Does anyone in UTV vet the output?

Julian is a well-loved local presenter and normally excellent at the job he is paid to do.

But I think UTV should cease these non-funny cameos forthwith to save further embarrassment.

UTV surely appreciates viewers are not stupid and the public and shareholders will begin to ask just who is running private television broadcasting in Northern Ireland — the UTV board or ‘Our Julian’?



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