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Why vote for SF candidate who won't take seat?

As the election campaign in Upper Bann heats up, it is clear that those of us in the constituency who value a voice at Westminster, speaking up and lobbying for the interests of our community, businesses and working families, must lend our support to returning David Simpson to the Commons.

David has been a hardworking MP, present on the ground and active in the local community, and is just one part of a strong team of unionist councillors and MLAs in Upper Bann, from Upper Bann and standing up for Upper Bann.

In contrast, Catherine Seeley, the Sinn Fein candidate, who represents a real threat to the seat, and the constituency, would not take her seat.

In what other profession would we choose someone who promises not to do the job they are applying for over someone with experience and a track-record of delivery?

What would we do if our doctors, firemen or police just couldn't be bothered, but wanted a five-year contract anyway?

We wouldn't stand for it. And we shouldn't stand for it from Sinn Fein. We alone have the power to stop her.

We must prevent Upper Bann's voice being silenced and to see off Seeley and Sinn Fein. And the only candidate with the ability to do that is David Simpson.


Clogher, Co Tyrone

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