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Why we must accept future in God's hands

Your correspondent Free Will (Write Back, August 15) has provided the answer I was expecting to my letter of August 10, wherein I showed from scripture that personhood extends preconception in the foreknowledge of God. Free Will claims that the future is unknowable.

That it is known to God and that He controls history is demonstrated by many fulfilled prophesies concerning Jesus. At a basic level, we observe in the rational universe the awesomeness of God. His further self-revelation is found in Jesus, whose resurrection establishes the absolute truth of all He taught. In view of this, the proper response is humility and faith - not arrogance. How can a finite mind contend with the infinite?

We can conclude that nothing happens that will violate the moral attributes of God as scripture reveals.

Evil originated with Satan and though God tolerates and takes advantage of it until His purposes are worked out, He will ultimately act in judgement.

For example, Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. Years later, having forgiven them, he would say to them: "You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good to bring it about that many people would be kept alive."

The good news is that eternal life can be received through believing the Gospel, repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.


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