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Why witch-hunt against the Girls' Brigade is wrong

After reading your article on the GB and faith and sexuality, I felt compelled to write.

For years the church has offered "haven" to the young people of this country. Many Christians have given their time freely to provide entertainment and training for the young. I gave up 20-plus years of Saturday nights running a youth club and enjoyed it immensely. We have BB officers, GB leaders, Guide leaders, Scout leaders, campaigners, EGR leaders, and other leaders in our churches who give their time so that "your" child is looked after.

Now, it seems people want to "witch-hunt" an organisation because they disagree with a teaching of the "Christian" church.

I appeal to those who don't want their children brought up with the teachings of an unchanging God to look elsewhere. A true Christian church will not pander to man but stick with God's teachings. It is a long, hard race for the Christian and nowhere in God's word does it tell us it will be easy. It does, however, tell us that we will suffer persecution because of "Him".

The Church is, and always will be, there for all, but please don't think that you can change the rules.

L Wallace

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