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Why won't BBC apologise for rude interviewer?

I would like to protest at the arrogant manner in which a blind pensioner was treated when he phoned the Stephen Nolan radio show a few days before Christmas.

This rather pompous presenter was certainly displaying none of the Christmas spirit of love and goodwill towards men.

When Bertie from Lisburn, regularly heard on Radio Ulster's Talkback programme, was complaining about Chris Patten and the destruction of the RUC, he was almost shouted down and Bertie, who is always treated gently by David Dunseith, felt compelled to retaliate by asking the bumptious young Nolan to have a bit of manners and allow him to speak.

I have already complained to the retiring controller of the BBC, but I am not expecting a satisfactory reply, if, in fact, any at all. I understand that Stephen Nolan is highly regarded in the higher echelons of the BBC and, in their eyes, can almost do no wrong.

Just because his show is listened to by a large audience each morning, does not give Stephen licence to do what he wishes when he is on the radio. Surely there is someone in the BBC prepared to cut him down to size.

I do feel that the kindly old pensioner from Lisburn is due a public apology, which obviously won't be forthcoming, as the BBC seldom, if ever, apologises for anything.

Let's hope Mr Nolan will come back after Christmas suitably mellowed and subdued!


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