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Why would tourists want to take a walk in our park?

One night last week when the sun was actually shining we decided to enjoy this rare phenomenon by going for an evening stroll around the Stormont estate.

Arriving into the car park shortly after 8pm, it seemed remarkably quiet.

The reason soon became clear. Large signs proclaimed that the gates would be locked on all cars and walkers at 8.30pm. Total lock-down.

Presumably this is the appointed time for the security personnel to get their cocoa.

I note the recent controversy over whether the tourist-orientated St George’s Market in Belfast should be open on a Sunday. Surely it is rather daft to be making such a song and dance about this when all the major supermarkets are already trading.

Again, despite the hordes of people who use it on a daily basis, I see that the beautiful Belvoir forest, which is within walking distance of our city centre, still has no toilet facilities.

This is even more remarkable, given the fact that there is a brand-new locked toilet block beside the main car park.

This block has remained locked for the last 30 years.

Tourists. What tourists? Who needs them anyway?

T J McClean


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