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WikiLeaks: Margaret Ritchie 'stilted and wooden'

So some American comes over and says she doesn't like Margaret Ritchie. She'd do well to concentrate on her own end of town. Margaret believes in peaceful means - that's what counts. And being unelected and not from this country, she should take her remarks and herself back home.


Interesting what they really think behind all the nice upfront talk. Perhaps a bit harsh on our Margaret.

TJ McClean

Aye, TJ. But you gotta admit: she makes Stephen Hawking sound fluent.


WikiLeaks cables are basically tittle-tattle.

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Lost Chord

I think the cables have been full of snide remarks about politicians the world over. This is now costing the US in terms of diplomatic relations and it is very much deserved. Most of us have said for years that George Bush was wooden and lacking in the old grey matter. Margaret is twice as capable as most US politicians.

Sausage Supper

Sausage Supper: they're not so much snide as frank.


It may come as a shock to some people to learn what their 'friends' really think of them. As the poet says: 'O wad some Power the giftie gie us. To see oursels as ithers see us.'

Tulsa Kid

Margaret Ritchie or Sarah Palin? Think I'll stick to the home-grown talent.


Don't know why anyone would pay any attention to this kind of rubbish.


You might not like it, but the description was spot on. The prediction that she would be unable to revive the SDLP was also spot on. The only mystery for me was how the people who elected her as party leader could not see what was starring them in the face.