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WikiLeaks: Oversized, inefficient ... Irish verdict on NI civil service

I know there are probably pockets of excellence, but I don't know if I can disagree with the general gist of this. That said, I haven't heard too many of my non-public sector mates down south say many good words about their own lot, who, by and large, earn a lot more than ours do.

Big Chief Ally

There is no doubt that our civil service is much bigger than that of other places and that, whether we like it or not, this will change. I can't comment on whether the staff are inexperienced or not, but I would hazard a guess that, just like every other workplace, there are good staff and bad staff. It's time to start focusing on where all these people will work if public sector jobs are no longer available. Otherwise, as bloated and inefficient as our public sector is, it is still preferable to paying people benefits to do nothing.


Purple_Jumper: so your logic is, our civil service is rubbish and has too many people doing too little, but it is better paying one-third of them, say, £22,000 a year to do very little rather than making them redundant and paying them £6,000 a year in benefits to do nothing? If that makes sense, why not give everyone on the dole a civil service job? It is a terrible argument that makes no financial sense at all.

Big Chief Ally

Northern Ireland's civil service oversized and inefficient? Really? Tell us something we don't already know. We didn't need a leaked US cable to tell us what we already knew.

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Sausage Supper

If the comment is correct, it is a bit rich coming from a country riddled with corruption in government.


Our civil service reflects our society: stuck in the past and reluctant to change.