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Will democracy in action impress SF?

Congratulations to the good people of the Republic for putting two fingers up to the European 'elite' with their rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

Thanks must also go to the folk that drafted the Irish Constitution for having the wisdom to include a clause necessitating public consultation should alterations be required.

Would that the UK had such a clause to force the clunking fist of Gordon Brown to live up to his promise to listen to the people.

However, the irony of Ireland saying No, in the name of democracy, cannot have passed by the unionist people of Northern Ireland.

Even more, the fact that Marty and the gang were among those saying No is just plain funny.

Does this mean the Shinners are going to accept the democratic will of the Northern Irish people who have continually demonstrated they have no wish to join the Republic of Ireland?

As far as I'm aware, Ulster still says no.

Jonathan Roy


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