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Will our leaders ever help us to be progressive?

I wonder what the legacy of Peter Robinson and Martin Guinness will record after their decade as leaders of Northern Ireland at peace. Not much I guess.

We have received no vision of a progressive, productive, happy community. We have people in each of the two "tribal" groups who either no longer care or are despairing at the way they feel they have been let down.

We have squabbling ministers and politicians with petty-minded negativity. Meanwhile the whole community sinks lower into the mire of backwardness, in an ever changing world.

We have inefficient political processes, inefficient public service and a relatively unproductive private sector.

Examples abound - education not yet addressing the real needs; reduction of the number of councils, separation of the tribes costing us over £1bn every year; roads projects stalling; the new police/fire training college stalling; PSNI being tasked to supervise parades which should have been controlled politically, and the countryside, streets and seashore ruined by littering.

Do they not realise that if Northern Ireland is progressive, productive and self-sufficient, then it is attractive to both unionists and the UK, and at the same time to nationalists/republicans and the Republic?

Are those who are elected as political leaders capable of getting us there?



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