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Will Sinn Fein accept Israeli rights?

Sinn Fein’s Paul Butler takes issue with me on Israeli action against prolonged Hamas terrorist violence (Write Back, January 11).

I acknowledge the need for a settlement and the Israeli government, as I made clear in my letter of January 3, is seeking a long-term solution.

Hamas spokesmen, on the other hand, are refusing to accept international diplomacy as a way forward.

Hamas, and the majority of those who oppose Israel, want to see Israel wiped out.

Sinn Fein statements express no words about the predicament of innocent families in southern Israel; only the plight of the Palestinians is pointed out.

However, all Palestinians have a right to live in a secure environment free from violence.

Perhaps Mr Butler could persuade Hamas to accept Israel’s existence and enter into discussions along with other Palestinians on finding a solution?

Cllr Robin Newton, MLA


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