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Will Sir Reg fluff his big moment?

At one stage, community confidence was the key and only DUP demand to allow the devolution of policing and justice. Of course, only they, the DUP, would decide when that confidence had been achieved.

Now since the TUV (representing 25% of the unionist electorate) are opposed, and 14 out of 36 DUP MLAs are opposed, Peter Robinson is demanding the backing of the Ulster Unionists before policing and justice is devolved.

How strange. This is not leadership, this is cowardice.

A simple case of Peter Robinson under duress, negotiated a poor deal that he can't sell to his own party and is now trying to blackmail, or bully, the Ulster Unionists into backing?

The Ulster Unionists, for once, should stick to their declared position - sort out the dysfunctional Executive and education before even thinking about devolving policing and justice.

To do anything else would make Sir Reg Empey into Peter Robinson's wee boy.

This is a mess of the DUP's creation; the Ulster Unionists are under no obligation to pull Peter Robinson, or his party, out of any hole. The Ulster Unionists should put the country first by refusing to ride to Peter's rescue.

This is Sir Reg's big moment. But will he fluff it?


Dromore, Co Down


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