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William and Kate to marry

Wedding announcements are always nice, but do we really have to be inundated with this on every single news channel you happen you come across.

What will this actually change in a practical sense?

If you're calling me a scrooge , I'm not. I just do not see how it justifies giving up all other news stories for something that you can't really elaborate on. They're getting married, big whoop.

All Sky can report is quotes of people saying they're delighted. Yes that's good and what else? Nothing, but they'll still go on about it all night.


You have to admit that these two are starting off an a better foot than Charles and Di who barely knew each other when they got engaged.

Nor does Will's have an ex-girlfriend sitting in the background and Kate comes from a more stable family background than Di did.

I am sure that her family's background was raked through with a fine tooth comb by MI5 and Special Branch.

If these two blow it then that will be the finish of 1,000 years of British monarchy.

Miss Culture

Congratulations to them both; I wish them a long and happy life together.


Ireland offered

EU bailout

Perhaps Carol Vorderman could give the Irish government advice on how to consolidate their loans.


As a president of Socialist International, the late Willy Bendt said: "Pointless to fight wars when you can take countries over economically". The Franco-German alliance has certainly excelled at it.



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