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Wilson needs to get real on corporation tax plan

It beggars belief that Finance Minister Sammy Wilson will not consider cutting corporation tax for at least four more years, should the power to do so be devolved to Stormont (News, September 20).

People need work now, yet Wilson wants to delay our best plan to tackle unemployment until 2015 at the earliest.

That will certainly bring smiles to the faces of government officials in Dublin, because the Finance Minister has just indicated that Northern Ireland doesn't even intend to compete for jobs and investment for at least four years.

Sammy keeps talking about cuts to Northern Ireland's finances if corporation tax is lowered, but that is absolute nonsense.

Cutting corporation tax simply means that cash will be transferred out of politicians' hands, to where it can be used most effectively - combating unemployment and creating prosperity.

Who should the unemployed trust to create new jobs - the politicians, or successful businesses which already employ tens of thousands of workers?

The DUP styles itself a 'low tax party', but its Finance Minister would rather spend taxpayers' money sustaining an enormous civil service than put it to work creating private sector jobs.

Sammy needs to get real about the potential benefits of cutting corporation tax as early as possible - before he condemns the unemployed to four more years of joblessness.


Chairman, Northern Ireland Conservatives


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