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Wilson should look closer to home

While I respect and welcome Sammy Wilson's demand for value for money and efficiency from our civil servants, his response to the Northern Trust's attempt to relieve stress amongst its staff bears all of the hallmarks of his panache for comedy and error.

What is particularly concerning is that the minister, who is responsible for managing cuts that could reach £1bn in Northern Ireland over the next five years, is wasting his valuable time blabbing to the media.

The same accusation of tokenism and time-wasting which the minister is making of the Northern Trust could be made against the Minister for Finance and Personnel.

Sammy Wilson should be looking closer to home first; his own department's mismanagement has resulted in record rate arrears which have reached £157m - a historic problem that is only getting worse. If he actually delivered in his immediate area of responsibility, people might take his comments more seriously.


Young Unionist universities officer


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