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Wilson's absurd statement on eurozone crisis

How confident can we be that Northern Ireland's finances are in good order? At this time, we must start quaking in our boots. Sammy Wilson this week informed us that we need to realise " ... countries that are in the eurozone are so diverse that they can't possibly continue to operate as one economic entity".

Perhaps the Finance Minister should be given a lesson in the purpose of the single currency. It is terrifying to think that a man who claims to have the finances of our country under control can fail to grasp that markets are volatile because of the threat of the euro collapsing.

The German chancellor, French and US presidents and the British prime minister all agree the only way to prevent another global recession is to ensure the stability of the euro; Sammy Wilson disagrees. Northern Ireland needs to come up with viable solutions to global problems; not make absurd statements with no international credibility.

Jordanstown Unionist