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Wisdom tells me that we're all in this together

Having arrived at the age The Beatles once sang about, I've learned a thing or two over the years. Such as: it's a wise man who always feels young enough to change his mind.

Take the Union flag issue, for instance. This country went through awful distress over the past 40 years and many of us took to the streets in marches supporting (or opposing) one flag. Unthinking nationalism.

Now I look upon the very same things and my thinking is: "Fly a flag over Belfast City Hall any time you want to."

Flags are merely a poor representation of the hopes and struggles of the marginalised and of our oft-betrayed sense of belonging.

Politicians often make stupid decisions and they should reflect on what it is the people need and not let hatred creep back.

It is as if these dangerous times have again become a distraction from the hard work it takes to get people pulling together.

For the sake of peace, put the flag back up - for however long it is under British jurisdiction.

What really matters - and needs to be protested against - is the disdain our elected politicians have for the people. The flying of any flag is little to worry about when mortgage and electricity bills are biting our ankles. In this, we are all in it together - loyalist and republican.


Bantry, Co Cork

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