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With Brexit clock ticking, Northern Ireland needs ambassador supported by Executive


Post-Brexit, if not under a fully operational devolved government, then most definitely if under a Direct Rule administration, we are in need of a Northern Ireland Ambassador. A role which would be Brexit-specific with a clearly defined mission. A role of selling our best assets across Europe, USA, the Commonwealth and beyond.

Brexit is under-way with the clock ticking toward a vast array of arrangements and deals forging a new dimension of relationships. To get caught up in grandstanding over special status or fallouts on border controls, let alone over-hyping the outcome of a hard or soft exit is to be foolish in the extreme. We must do what everyone else is - preparing to look after themselves.

Despite the latitude generated around the Tory-DUP voting caucus we cannot depend on our best interests being placed on the negotiating top table.

For sure, in their best interests, both the Scots and the Welsh governments will soon change their anti-Brexit tunes when the realities of the end-game between the UK and the EU approach.

The main qualification an ambassador requires is holding an allegiance to our welfare and future beyond Brexit, and that he or she is supported by an Executive committed to working together in maximising our post-Brexit position. That means the local leaders assuring the ambassador that they are willing to put Northern Ireland first by focusing on the best possible return beneficial for us all.

David McNarry

Address supplied

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