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Woes of bringing God into politics

Susan Anne White, who is running for MP in West Tyrone (News, April 30), has almost everything correct in her efforts to bring Christ into politics, based on her belief that the absence of God's principles is responsible for the world's problems.

The problem is she doesn't go far enough, having lived through godless politics in America for my entire life.

My parents listened to rock music. As a result, I started taking drugs as a three-year-old, including aspirin.

This led to anarchy. I participated in anarchy from the time I was seven (I kissed a girl on the forehead) until I was saved last year as a 60-year-old.

I now recognise that economic recession comes from feminism; homosexuality comes from rock music; rock music from fornication; fornication from the absence of God; and the absence of God from economic recession.


Maine, USA

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