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Women must stay out of men's toilets


I am both shocked and disgusted by the latest trend by some females who feel that it's their right to use the men's toilets while out and about in public.

I have encountered this several times in pubs and clubs and now, unfortunately, elsewhere.

I was at a recent family show at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast and was appalled when a peroxide blonde, middle-aged woman marched into the gents', even after being told that she shouldn't be there.

She entered one of the few cubicles (beside the urinals) leaving a queue of men waiting patiently for her exit.

The place was full of both men and young boys using the urinals and as I confronted her on the way out, she shrugged and said that she hadn't seen anything that she hadn't seen before.

This is totally unacceptable behaviour. A man would swiftly be arrested for forcing his way into a place where women and young girls were in a state of undress. Recent cases involving female changing rooms are prime examples of such outcomes.

Have women really become so lazy that they won't queue in the ladies'? The law sides with women so much now that it seems men are too frightened to even eject women from the one place where men are supposed to have sole right of entry.

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This vile invasion of decency and privacy must be stopped.